Monday, July 22, 2013

Pedophilia Made Legal

It is really baffling that a man just 1 man can jeopardize millions of lives just to justify his own actions. Is he God? Does he have infinite powers? I thought that the Senators of the Federal Republic of Nigeria have been proved to be Sane Men and Women. If they were really sane,would they have thought of placing an embargo of marriage on The Nigerian girl child? So now they want to soil the Sanctity of marriage with Pedophilia. I am livid with anger and afraid. I don't want my female children to be born into a Nigeria where a man old enough to be their grandfather would say he wants their hands in marriage or where they can violate Minors and then claim their hands in marriage. As for Senator Yerima,we now know he hungers only for unformed vaginas and chubby baby bodies. May God's wrath fall upon everyone who wants to destroy Nigeria's future and sentence the future Dora Akunyilis,Okonjo-iwealas,Oby Ezekwesiles and Farida Waziris to the loins of Randy Old Men.
Nigeria is the Lord's.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

This is getting out of hand.

Last week,around Adeniji Adele Lagos ,a man molested a 3 yr old girl. It seems to me that recently molestation of minors is the fad. For the last 2 years this evil has been perpetrated in our society and little or no efforts have been made towards stopping it.
   I asked around because i seriously needed to get an insight into the minds of the wicked men who do this and i got various views like there are no more virgins in town and the lil ones *kinis are very tight(outrageous right), the most shocking response that i got is that these acts are are usually done by men who have dabbled into diabolism; it means that they were maybe asked to do it in order to achieve a higher standing in the society or to become wealthy. Why would you have sex with someone who is virtually a baby( a 36 month old child) because of your own evil and selfish ambitions.
     However this is really not my main problem, the fact that these pedophiles virtually go free is so so so painful. Like who deserves to have their p*nis cut of,boiled,roasted and served to them to eat if not these wicked men,i can think of 1001 ways to have those men punished.The Nigeria that i grew up in was so safe that our parents could afford to leave us with  the neighbours children until hunger drew us back home.
    Dear Parents,please protect your little angels with all you have,God gave them to you because he knows that you can care for them. We also need the law to begin to address the issues that affects the man on the street. but the opposite is the case as my Professor of  Human rights would say"The poor only have rights on paper"  Its time for a New Nigeria

Thursday, August 16, 2012

What to say?

So its been a while,i have been swamped with school and work ? I often wish  i could go back to the days when things were so easy; when all i had to worry about was the number of red comments in my result booklet ,how to ensure that i was wellbehaved enough for mumy to decided to take us out,how to please our parents enough to make sure we got the best dresses with frills for Christmas and Easter. But going back would be so wrong,i would never have gotten the opportunity to know God,to meet some people and most importantly live my Life. I guess i just have to shove my complaints and live my life the best way that i can. Right.
    There's actually something weighing me down,i mean it's seriously on my mind. So i have this family friend that has become like a sister to me. We virtually do things together now and this our new found friendship never reach 6 months ooo. This lady is planning to get married,the banns and invitations are out sef. Now my friend comes out to say she doesn't want to go through with the wedding and she gave me her reasons and to say that her story was pathetic would be putting it mildly. I was also shocked about some of the things she had been doing for her fiance all in the name of making things work.(I am not against making sacrifices for love and peace'sakes but there has to be a limit abi)......................... dont want to bore you with all the details but the long short cut short is that she feels that she is getting the short end of the bargain and people around her are not giving her what she wants(Her right to decide whether to go on with the wedding or not). Seeing her sad and gloomy about her impending nuptials is making me feel bad as i believe that marriage is to be enjoyed and not endured. Apart from praying,i really need to talk to my friend and give her advice that won't boomerang. What to say ?

Monday, July 23, 2012

Help Nigeria !

Last week, a woman came to my mum's shop,acted like she wanted to buy some goods and in the process stole my mum's bag.
This woman had a baby strapped to her back,came into the shop like someone that had business to transact and stole the bag. As if this is not enough she took the money that dear mother had just gotten from the bank,took her bank ids and driver's license and dropped the bag in a bus enroute Ishagamu in Ogun state,all the way from Lagos-Island. Also last week some J.S.S.3 boys took a classmate of theirs to Ajah to sell to Ritualists and their evil act was cracked by the 'Keke Maruwa'* driver who had been chartered to take them to Ajah from the Island and back . The man asked them where the victim was when 3 of them instead of 4 came back into the Keke but they gave him a story about the victim being a teacher's boy and he was helping the teacher with some chores. However he became concerned when he saw that the boys had a polythene bag full of money and he tricked them into thinking that he had things to do at the Lion building(which was the closest police station) where he relayed his suspicions and they were apprehended by the police..The boys quickly confessed that they went to deliver their classmate to someone who offered them money.  By the time they got back to the drop site the fourth boy had been killed with his head and genitals cut off.  What do we do to help this nation? To the woman who has unknowingly initiated a little child into stealing by taking her along on her crime trip and the children who at this young age have learnt how to sell their mate to his death.This means that children are not safe with their friends and mates anymore. I cringe to think of the fact that i will bring kids into this world,how do we nurture and protect them? Really i fear for them . What is the way forward,we need to help ourselves before we cry to God. This country isn't safe anymore.

P.S; I am dedicating this post to Lovelife4sale,Randoms first male follower *hugs* . Pls ignore the errors,it happens when i am rambling.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

To Toincilicous Randoms' First Follower.

The past last week has been busy,exhilirating and stressful.
I went shopping for bridesmaids' dress with a friend. At first it seemed like a fun thing and a wonderful timeout with the bride but by the time we spent 2 hours walking in the market with the soon-to-be Iyawo,i changed my mind ni kia kia. Whoever said shopping is therapeutic should try bird-watching or baking. This brings me to the foremost thought on my mind now; why can't we as Nigerians ever hold/organise a small wedding ceremony composing of at most 20 guests?

This post is dedicated to my first follower Toinlicious. Thanks

Thursday, July 12, 2012


I remember my childhood. When talking to our parents could be done without reserve. I remember that we had adults available to us. We could tell them exactly what we wanted and be guided aright.
I remember my father coming home to tell us bone chilling stories of his youth and how life in our remote village was. We looked forward to the After dinner period because Father never failed to regale us with stories. One of those stories came to my mind when I saw the Night market traders in Yaba. As one of Father's stories goes. Ire is an hunter of repute in Odo-iwoye Kingdom. He was a great hunter,so much that he was respected even by his King. On one of his hunting expeditions,he saw an antelope,he aimed his arrow at it to bring it down only for the antelope to transform into a beautiful,dark skinned and robust woman (beauty in those days was based  on how curvy you are) This Antelope woman took her antelope skin and hid it in the hollow curve of an Iroko tree. The hunter watched her closely and took note of all these in hiding. The antelope woman carried a basket of farm produce and went into one of the major Night markets in Odo-iwoye. As soon as she left,the hunter stealthily went to the Iroko tree and stole the Lady's antelope skin,climbed on another tree and settled to wait for the Antelope Lady. On her part,the  antelope lady made such good sales that she was able to leave the market earlier than usual. When she got back to the forest and the iroko tree,she reached for her Skin and her hands met with nothing,she peered into the tree and saw nothing. She started weeping because she knew that meant that her cover had been blown because no animal could steal her  skin.
  Her cries woke Ire the hunter and he descended from his hideout. Stop crying Arewa (Arewa means beautiful one) "What is the reason for your tears,don't you know you are to beautiful for tears" enthused Ire..............................................To be cont.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Life is one big choice.

To be or not to be.
To love or not to love.
To sleep or gist till late in the night.
To befriend that new girl or let her be.
To speak the truth and be at peace or lie and carry  the burden in your hearts .
To do the right thing and stand by it or shy away from responsibilites because of what people might say.
To know that your past is your past for a reason and you can't go back there.
To help that person who came to you for help or to hold back because its not safe to help people anymore.
To hold on to the things worth fighting for or hold back because you feel like you don't deserve what you want.
To learn to stand for something and accept our imperfections or to cover it all up.
To believe in yourself or let it all go because you can't handle it any more.
To be proud of who you are whether black or white,tall or short,fat or slim or to accept the crap that you re being dished because of the way you are.
To value yourself because self love is important and nobody will love you if you don't love yourself.
To be thankful for the family and friends you have or not.
 Finally to live your life the way you deem fit because God has given you that gift for a purpose and the way you live it is up to you.
Remember that things might be stormy now but it won't rain forever

Ecclesiastes 3:22