Monday, July 22, 2013

Pedophilia Made Legal

It is really baffling that a man just 1 man can jeopardize millions of lives just to justify his own actions. Is he God? Does he have infinite powers? I thought that the Senators of the Federal Republic of Nigeria have been proved to be Sane Men and Women. If they were really sane,would they have thought of placing an embargo of marriage on The Nigerian girl child? So now they want to soil the Sanctity of marriage with Pedophilia. I am livid with anger and afraid. I don't want my female children to be born into a Nigeria where a man old enough to be their grandfather would say he wants their hands in marriage or where they can violate Minors and then claim their hands in marriage. As for Senator Yerima,we now know he hungers only for unformed vaginas and chubby baby bodies. May God's wrath fall upon everyone who wants to destroy Nigeria's future and sentence the future Dora Akunyilis,Okonjo-iwealas,Oby Ezekwesiles and Farida Waziris to the loins of Randy Old Men.
Nigeria is the Lord's.


  1. My darling, thank you for joining this cause's really disheartening that a father would ever desire to have a child as a bride.

    This Yerima of a man needs to be castrated...he is a devil incarnate....I shudder at what his female daughters must be going through with him as a father.

  2. Compliments of the season Dear